An alpine barn

Built in the 18th century, La Boerne was once an alpine farm belonging to the Charlet family. At the time the cows grazed in this mountain pasture, nestled between the Col des Montets pass and the Aiguille Verte. Over the years, the farm has become a cottage. Armand Charlet, a famous mountain guide, began to host his customers there. You just have to cross the entrance of the house to better understand how they lived at the time.

La Boerne : a local chimney

La Boerne means the chimney pipe that used to smoke meat for preservation. It is built with thick planks joined and held by pegs. The base of this pyramid can reach up to three meters aside. A large shutter operated by a long wooden pole, allowed to ensure the closure on the roof. Low ceilings were studied to heat more quickly.

Cottage transformation

In 1982, Gilbert Mugnier, the grandson of Armand Charlet and himself a mountain guide decided to take over the family farm to welcome more and more hikers in the valley. He was the first to live in the hamlet all year. Trélechamps (meaning “across the fields”) is a unique hamlet, built under the “Piz” rock that naturally protects it from avalanches. Here, it’s as if time was suspended somewhere between the eighteenth century and the end of the nineteenth.

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